Thai Riceberry Rice

Riceberry is the new registered rice variety from Thailand, a cross-breed of Jao Hom Nin (JHN), a local non-glutinous purple rice and Khoa Dawk Mali 105 (thai hom mali rice). The variety was created by the Rice Science Center, Kasetsart University, Thailand. After four years of research for nutritional physical and cooking properties, the outcome is a deep purple whole grain rice with softness and a palatable aftertaste.

Riceberry has been a popular brown rice due to its health promoting properties. Inducing people to consume more brown rice could help ameliorate food-related chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood cholesterol, obesity, and cancers.

Riceberry is grown primarily in north and northeastern Thailand. The wet season months of August through December are suitable for Riceberry planting.